Control System

Power Quality Management Software

It includes reactive power compensation controller WGK-31-700, 4G module and application program SFR-PQM. That is, the reactive power compensation controller has modular expansion and connected to PQM to form a set of application solutions from offline to online, from local to remote cases.


Reactive power compensation controller WGK-31-700 is a device special for correcting power factor and compensating reactive power, which has automatic detection and control functions. By utilized the advanced visual analysis tools, combined with power quality monitoring device to achieve the professional control and management of power quality.



● Real-time monitoring and control of electrical equipment in power distribution network

● Dynamic user interface combines real-time display and control functions to achieve more effective control and higher operation efficiency

● If trigger an alarm under certain conditions, the independent screen will show the alarm and sequentially record events and all relevant data for diagnosis

● Harmonic analysis data display 1-31st harmonics through graphics and tables

● Operation and management functions including capacitor module replacement reminder, residual capacity and cumulative operation time calculation, which can provide real-time data for on-site maintenance personnel to ensure the safe operation of reactive power compensation device

● Clear software architecture, smooth network and communication, ensure data quality and support fault tolerance

● Monitor the power factor fluctuation and compare the power factor before and after compensation

● The third party monitoring access can be extended, and the user-defined monitoring program can be freely accessed according to the agreed data point table and communication protocol




Power quality management platform (SFR-PQM) is a complete ecosystem which formed by full range of the Sfere power quality improvement products connected to the management platform which base on the Cloud technology. It can flexible reading a variety of power equipment data with high integration and multi-channel data aggregation, supporting multi bands and coverage 4G cellular network, provide Gigabit Ethernet, I/O port, RS232/RS485 interfaces and some other high-speed communication interfaces to fulfil the need of various data acquisition. The system use industrial level comprehensive performance wireless module which supports -35 ℃~+75 ℃ wide working temperature range to providing reliable networking and stable communication for the unattended system.


Product advantages

● HTML5 applet, not extral APP installation, simple and easy

● Available to work with Sfere AHF cabinet, SVG cabinet and intelligent reactive power compensation cabinet

● The supporting remote control platform can monitor, configure, upgrade, diagnose, maintain and control a large number of equipment distributed in various regions Reduce the maintenance costs of the project runner, integrators, equipment providers and other parties, improve management efficiency dramatically

● The graphical interface intuitively displays the energy data and the electric parameters from the cabinet, analyzing the harmonic and power factor of the distribution system, and enable the on/off operation

● Fast integrate network system, automatically, no need to any manually operation








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