Control System

Power Factor Controller

WGK series reactive power compensation controller adopts digital design and AC sampling algorithm. It is equipped with dot matric LCD HMI and standard RS-485 port for supporting Modbus-RTU protocol.

Technical parameters
Controller modelWGK-31-603-12AWGK-31-603-12BWGK-31-603-21B
Switching mode
Composite switch or Thyristor―­
Compensation typeCommon compensation
Hybrid compensation
485 communication
Maximum number of compensation circuits supported121221
Installation dimensionPanel size120*120 mm
Hole size111*111 mm

Note: the “” indicates that it has the function, and the “-” indicates that it does not have the function.


Main features

● Fully digital design, using AC sampling algorithm

● Human-machine interface adopts four-digit LED digital tube display or large-screen LCD Chinese liquid crystal display

● Modular assembly, streamlined appearance design

● With RS-485 standard bus interface, support Modbus-RTU communication protocol

● Real-time display of voltage, current, power factor, active power, reactive power, harmonic voltage, harmonic current, frequency, capacitor     switching status, temperature and other parameters

● Harmonic protection function

● Adjust the target power factor cosφ  within the range of 0.80 (lag)-1-0.80 (lead)

● Manual/automatic switching for selection

● Support equal capacity, coding and fuzzy control switching mode

● When the power supply of grid is interrupted for more than 15 ms, the voltage loss is released

● The output capacity of each output circuit can be set at the same time



Main technical parameters

● Display mode: LCD

● Sampling voltage: 400V or 220V

● Working voltage: AC220 V

● Rated number of circuits: 12 circuits/21 circuits

● Rated input: 5A

● It has two working modes of manual compensation and automatic compensation

● It has the function of harmonic measurement and protection

● It has RS-485, Modbus-RTU standard field bus communication interface (optional)

● Installation method: panel installation


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