Power Quality Cabinet

AHF Cabinet

More functionalities, more modes

● Harmonic compensation, reactive power compensation, harmonic/reactive power compensation, a complex single machine   

● With harmonic division compensation function, the reactive compensation ratio can be set 

● 7(10) inch HD color touch screen, the screen can display system and device operating parameters in real time

Comprehensive protection for performing stability

● Because of the dual-set automatic current limiting algorithm of RMS and peak value, when the load harmonic current is greater than the output of the device, the output line of the device can be automatically limited at 100% without risk of overload

● The dual-set of RMS and peak value automatic limiting algorithm could limited the output line of the device within 100% when the harmonic current of the load is out of the limitation

● Complete protect with over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature and other protection functions to ensure operating safety and reliability


Advanced control strategy and topology design

● Improved detection technology based on instantaneous reactive power theory, which can detect harmonic currents in real time and automatically track load harmonic changes, with high controllability and fast response

● The unique phase-separated harmonic extraction algorithm can achieve independent control of each phase when the load is unbalanced in three phases. When the capacity is sufficient, the function of eliminating the imbalance can be selected

● By LCL topological filtering when the harmonic current being output, the high frequency IGBT switching harmonic interference would not be introduced and there is no resonance for any grid system impedance

Highly integrated, modular, serialized

● Modular design, small size, light weight, high power density, easy installation and maintenance

● Combining parallel machines to meet different capacity requirements, improving the reliability and maintainability of the equipment while achieving standardized production, greatly facilitating system installation and maintenance

● The single module independent air duct design could isolate the environmental dust effectively and enhance the heat dissipation efficiency

Product Parameters

Rated value400×(1±20%)
Rated frequency50/60Hz±10%
Wiring methodThree phase four wire
Filter capacity50~600A
Response time ≤10ms
Overload protectionCan be set automatically
Active power loss<3% rated power
Working modeAutomatic or manual
Communication interfaceRS485/Ethernet optional
Protection levelIP20
Display interface7/10 Inch touch screen(optional)
Altitude≤1000m, High altitude projects can be customized
Parallel operationCan achieve
Cooling methodForced air cooling
Operating environment temperature-25℃~45℃
Storage/transport environment-40℃~70℃
Working/storage relative humidity

Relative humidity 20% ≤ 95%, no condensation /

Relative humidity 10% ≤ 95%, no condensation

Single cabinet size1000×1000×2200 mm
OtherNon-standard dimensions can be customized, special requirements can contact Sfere 


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