iCapacitor Bank

SFR-L Capacitor Bank

SFR-L series LV(low voltage) power capacitor module is designed for 0.4kV low voltage distribution power distribution system. It is used as a new generation of compensation module with functions of energy saving, reduction of line loss, power factor enhancement and improvement of power quality. This module is mainly used in the occasions where the harmonic distortion is not that serious. SFR-L series low voltage power capacitor modules take two type compensation capacitors or one Y type compensation capacitor as main body and are highly integrated with compound switch, microprocessor and other function modules.

Measurement accuracy
  • Current
    ≤1.0% (5%~120%ln)
  • Voltage
    ≤0.5% (80%~120%Un)
  • Power
  • Power factor
Switching mode
  • Zero cross switching
Compensation operation
  • Working voltage
    AC380V±20%, distortion rate≤5%
  • Consumption
  • Max. working current
    1.35 X ln
  • Switching inrush current
    ≤3 X In
Host protection
  • Over voltage
    430V (can be set)
  • Under voltage
    300V (can be set)
  • Harmonic exceeding
    0%~100% (can be set)
Local protection
  • Over current
    0~100A (can be set)
  • Over temperature
    55°C (can be set)
  • Unbalance
    50% (can be set)
Control setting
  • Control parameter
    Target power factor, switching threshold, delay time etc.
  • Peripheral unit parameters
    Current transformer ratio
Network interface
  • Pluggable data line, internal network protocol
Environment temperature
  • Working temperature
  • Storage temperature
  • ≤2000m
  • IEC831-1,2(2000)


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