iCapacitor Bank

SFR-M Capacitor Bank

SFR-M series LV(low voltage) dynamic harmonic suppression reactive compensation module is designed for solve the problem of harmonic and power factor in the situation of serious harmonic pollution in 0.4kV low voltage power distribution network. It is used as an integrated reactive power compensation module with functions of power factor enhancement, effective harmonic suppression, reduction of line loss and improvement of power quality. The components of dynamic harmonic suppression reactive compensation module include DSP digital processing circuit, highly integrated detection, control, protection, display unit, zero crossing switching module, discharge and air cooling unit, filter reactor, low-voltage filter power capacitor and function module operation status indicator circuit. This module is a new generation of dynamic reactive compensation equipment for 0.4kV low voltage distribution network which is suitable for the load changed frequently and the system request high voltage quality. It's a typical dynamic tracking compensation integration module with switching time≤20ms.

Measurement accuracy
  • Current
  • Voltage
    ≤0.5% (80%~120%Un)
  • Power
  • Power factor
Switching mode
  • Zero cross switching
Compensation operation
  • Working voltage
  • Consumption
  • Max. working current
    1.35 X ln
  • Switching inrush current
    ≤2 X In
Host protection
  • Over voltage
    430V (can be set)
  • Under voltage
    300V (can be set)
  • Harmonic exceeding
    0%~100% (can be set)
Local protection
  • Over current
    0~100A (can be set)
  • Over temperature
    55°C (can be set)
  • Unbalance
    50% (can be set, only for total compensation)
Network interface
  • Pluggable data line, internal network protocol
Mechanical installation
  • Outline dimension
    280mmX290mmX370(430) mm
  • Installation dimension
    295mmX350(410) mm
  • Weight
Environment temperature
  • Working temperature
  • Storage temperature
  • ≤2000m
  • IEC831-1,2(2000)


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