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AHF Module

Active harmonic filter SFR-APF is a new type of power electronic device used to dynamically filter harmonic and compensate reactive power. It can filter and compensate harmonic and dynamic reactive power in real time. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, port, chemical industry and mining enterprises.

SVG Module

SFR-SVG is the representative of the latest technology application in the field of reactive power compensation technology. On the one hand, it can effectively solve the problem of shunt capacitor switching compensation caused by harmonic reactive power interference, on the other hand, it can suppress or control harmonics according to the actual requirements of users, and clean the grid environment.

iCapacitor Bank

SFR-M, a low-voltage power capacitor module with harmonic suppression, is a kind of integrated reactive power compensation product for harmonic and power factor problems in 0.4kV low-voltage distribution network where harmonic pollution is serious. It can improve power factor, effectively suppress harmonics, reduce line loss and improve power quality.

Control System

Through the function of phase separate compensation and three-phase total compensation module, the harmonic and reactive power in intelligent building are comprehensively treated to optimize the power quality and finally achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Power Quality Cabinet

SFERE provides a complete solution for the treatment of power quality problems. It is a new type of special equipment for power quality control, which is made of modern power electronic devices, high-speed DSP digital signal processing technology and complex programmable logic devices. The application of SFR series power quality products can effectively improve the reliability of the distribution system, greatly improve the power quality index of the system, increase the power factor, eliminate harmonics, suppress resonance, improve the three-phase imbalance, and ensure the long-term stable and efficient operation of the power consumption system.


Company Profile

Jiangsu Sfere Electric Co.,Ltd. is committed to provide system solutions for smart grid user side, such as electric monitoring, power quality management and electrical safety, focuses on R&D and service for a variety of comprehensive operation management and energy management platforms, covering the industries and fields of rail transit, municipal facilities, utility tunnel, information communication, business estate, education and health care.

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